Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rice Grad Class on OOO and Speculative Realism

Great students, clearly having a good time at Rice, asked a lot of great questions and got me thinking about OOO as I presented some of my work and the final chapter of Graham Harman's Prince of Networks.

One significant emerging topic was the role of rhetoric in object-oriented ontology, a theme I'll be returning to in LA.


daz hastings said...

i like this idea of yours that these hyper objects can "speak back". Is this what happened with Tom Hanks and the football on that island?

daz hastings said...

Esily my fave talk of yours (this is fifth time i've listened in). Great how you managed to get the "big picture" (science) into the picture going on behind Kant, and now OOO. I still think the Reymus example/event is a fantastic way into this subject. More on aesthetics later.

Zanadar said...

The gloss you give at 33:00 of "realness" in OOO, as contrasted with ontotheology's "more-reallness" rings a bit like codependent origination...It makes me curious how much of your thinking about new philosophy is inflected with your buddhist philosophy knowledge.

Timothy Morton said...

Thanks for that Zanadar, I am very happy to acknowledge that influence.

Anonymous said...

Tim, this is the first talk I ever listened to of yours, and like the poster above, I find myself returning to it again. I wondered if it was because it was my first exposure to you, but perhaps it is just a particularly good one!

Do you have your own favorite talks of yours? I'd be curious to know since there are so many to choose from... Thanks.

astrodreamer said...

I've sniffed around OOO having been impressed by Meillassoux's insight into Mallarme. This lecture is the most cogent and inspiring presentation I've found. Is there a transcript?

Mark Shulgasser