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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Underground Ecocriticism Liveblog 22

Kelly Wood, artist’s talk on the Continuous Garbage Project
in light of OOO
installation detail of Vancouver, 6: New Vancouver Modern
found garbage
unusual occurrence of clean garbage; much of modern garbage is clean, packaging
so her art is repacking this packaging
black bags: opaque because there is a paranoia about what's inside
photos that are 1-1 images of the bags
Switzerland: garbage a controlled substance almost, you have to buy a bag and have a sticker
Little has changed since 1998 when the project started
most of the reduction she tried was self imposed, little in her culture compelled her to reduce
2002: a single individual produces one tonne of garbage a year
At the start she only produced a quarter of that; about 61 bags a year
By the end she had reduced the garbage by half
everything about her life had to adapt to suit the elimination of waste
>> slipped out of consumer loop and life shut down; phone stopped ringing, stasis, people forgot about art
Is waste part of a progressive movement? 
Bataille: consumption not production
Veblen; surplus has honorific purpose
Photographs of invisible pollution; air pollution is most invisible
minor incidents of trying to photograph particulates
Secret Stash exhibition; carts full of gear

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