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Monday, February 6, 2012

Harvard Talk (video)

“Ecology without the Present.” Thanks so much to Larry Buell, Jorie Graham and Peter Sacks, and Damian White (who came all the way from RISD), along with Panagiotis Roilis, my host, and Karen Thornber, the most gracious, smart and good humored dinner guests (and interlocutors) possible. The Q&A was particularly great as you will hear, although there are some thing I'd like to have said to Larry's question, which perhaps I'll be able to get to in a personal message to him, that were more cogent than what I spewed!
Ecology without the Present

It's possible I may tweak the MP3 (cutting the first couple of minutes of dead time before the introduction by Panagiotis). Here it is in any case!

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