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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fear! My Favorite Emotional State!

Oh, the levels, the levels: fear helps you to appreciate art. Jean-Luc Marion or Alphonso Lingis could've told you THAT!

Oh, and I note that he works at Chris Schaberg's place!


Schizostroller said...

Does this fit with the old chesnut that when there is greater economic insecurity, the art gets better?

Schizostroller said...

It's one of those really annoying things that you don't log a pssing titbit of information and then can't find the source when you need it.

However i remember reading about an experiment that measured whether the well-acknowledged perception that time slows down when you experience fear (I remember it happening when i rolled my car) meant that your reactions improved. I remeber the test subjects were test pilots but if i remember correctly there was no real difference.

However this was measuring physical reaction as opposed to the thinking time - how is that measurable? - as the theory that led to this experiment is that one of the purposes of fear is to slow us down to assess the situation (as opposed to our 'actual' thinking-acting speed), if there is something to that could this have something to do with the ability to take in more abstract aesthetic experience?