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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Want the Same Deal You Got

My friend the historian Louis Warren taught a class at Occupy recently whose contents were the following: 

Taxpayers who paid $17,000 per year for each undergraduate in the UC in 1991 now paid only $7,000. The focus of student attention should be the legislature (although they need to make demands of the regents and chancellors, too). The legislature has the power to tax. The regents do not. There are 180 000 undergraduates in the UC system. An increase of funding at the level of $10,000 per undergraduate is the bare minimum of what's required. That's $1.8 billion, and it has to come from the legislature. We could fire every administrators in the system and not get anywhere near that amount of money. 

The vast majority of state legislators are 45–65 years old; most went to UC/CSU/Community Colleges.  
The occupy movement might do well to demand of legislators,  "We want the same deal you got." 

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