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Friday, December 9, 2011

Bhob Rainey Book and MP3

This looks interesting indeed. Chris Schaberg had a hand in persuading Rainey to put it together. With Pauline Oliveros!

Manual is a combination full-length album and book focusing on the music and improvisational practice of the BSC, an eight-member electroacoustic ensemble formed by saxophonist and composer Bhob Rainey in 2000. More than just music with copious liner notes, Manual examines the process of improvisation from both within and outside the BSC, encountering topics ranging from genealogy to architecture, the boundaries of sense to the benefits of failure, flows of energy to bouts of guilt. The intersection and unfolding of ideas is often complex, but the writing in Manual is earthy and comprehensible, keeping jargon to a minimum without sacrificing the depth of the subject matter. Manual is not a monument to the BSC but rather an appreciation of improvisation from the perspective of an especially prolific community.

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Bhob Rainey said...

Great to see you catching this so early! I look forward to your take once you've got the book.

One obsessive correction for those audiophiles among us: Yes, you can get an MP3 version of the album, but you can also get it in lossless formats like Apple Lossless and FLAC. That kind of thing makes a big difference in this music. Your ears will thank me!