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Friday, December 9, 2011

FBI Called Me

True story: the FBI called me about a student from long ago. It was five minutes before my class at Occupy. Later in the day, as I dialing the agent's number, she called me. She asked to meet. For some reason she was on campus at that very moment. It was the week of the strike. I said I had a heavy workload and couldn't do it.

Of course there are many possible interpretations of this.

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Thomas Gokey said...

Creepy. I read a book about an activist who was visited by the FBI and asked questions about a friend of theirs. They weren't sure what to do so they invited the FBI in, called up their friend on the phone, and relayed all of the FBI's questions directly to the friend and asked how he should respond.

Is there a way you could secretly record the conversation with the FBI and get it to your former student? I'm not sure what the laws are on that kind of thing in CA, apparently they're different in each state. In NY you are legally allowed to secretly record any conversation that you are a party to.