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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sorry Donna, It's Not the Cthulhucene

Cthulhu is a being that doesn’t link shit in its tentacles. Cthulhu means shit doesn’t matter at all.

I'm sticking with Anthropocene.

What's interesting is the disturbance people feel with this word, such that they want to change it to fit their concept.

I like being irritating.


PS: Donna Haraway is a mutual friend of me and Cary Wolfe.


EM said...

I thought that was the point of philosophy. To feel 'disturbance' at an idea and allow that disturbance to fuel thought. I don't see how she had been so leaden as to reject something because it doesn't fit her concept. She has generated concepts to house her disturbance.

kale kale dinosaur said...

I believe Donna's actual word of choice is "Chthulucene", which as I understand is rooted in Greek "khthon" meaning "earth"
not so much the fantastic tentacles of Cthulu, but more Standard Garden Variety Tentacles (Octopodesocene/Cuttlefishocene/Squidocene?)

Unknown said...

Exactly - I also like being irritating, but not less so I like being irritated! "Anthropocene" is not without problems - which is irritating. But that may also be the beauty of it.

cgerrish said...

Everybody's trying to make the 'cene'

D. E.M. said...

Yes, I got that Cthulhu idea -- & I'm stickies with Anthropocene too

Timothy Morton said...

Then she should have said Cthonocene--which is also incorrect.

Timothy Morton said...

And in any case, cthonos is spelt with a kappa.

Unknown said...

Heh. I concur. I mean, if we must have a -cene term for "multispecies assemblages that include people," can we not do better than Cthulu (+/- 'h')? Perhaps ailurocene (following your "cats happen"). Psilocybicene? :)

On the subject, thanks for the link to the Zalasiewicz interview a few posts ago!