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Friday, September 23, 2016


"PolitiFact has examined 258 Trump statements and 255 Clinton statements and classified them on a scale ranging from “True” to “Pants on Fire.” One might quibble with some of the judgments, but they’re overwhelmingly in the ballpark. And they show two candidates living in different moral universes when it comes to truth-telling. Mr. Trump had 48 Pants on Fire ratings, Mrs. Clinton just six; the G.O.P. nominee had 89 False ratings, the Democrat 27." --Paul Krugman

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Jean-Pierre said...

I think calling attention to who the bigger liar is misses the point. It's extremely obvious that Trump cannot open his mouth without spewing a ton of bullshit, filled with hatred (especially if the one hearing him is a liberal, or progressive). But the question is: Why is Clinton so unpopular even though she's standing next to Trump? I'd like to see Krugman dig a little deeper to ask that question. I prefer Michael Hudson. He's more insightful and honest than Krugman. I think many US citizens are more desperate than "normal" political discourse can address, especially the sort that comes from a politician like Clinton.