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Sunday, July 3, 2016

This Looks Good Doesn't It?

Jack Halberstam's course on wildness. It's got hyperobjects in it!

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John T. Maher said...

Looks very good. Have only read about 6 things of the many on this syllabus so I am personally impressed.

However, the caption is misleading: hyperobjects, if I apprehend them correctly (supposing, of course, one can apprehend a hyperobject and do so correctly), are already both within and without every course. Within/without one of Sloterdjke's spheres as in the old Joy Division seizure song. Was Queen Mab, in part, about hyperobjects as well as consciousness and humans as technology? Minds here in New York want to know.

Some of the more recent arcana posted here have gone uncommented upon which is sad. Most are cool, some impenetrable.