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Saturday, July 23, 2016

"The Photograph Suggests that Britain Is Run by a Self-Selecting Elite"

[I don't know why this didn't post ages ago! It's even more relevant than when it showed up. And it has nonhumans and David Cameron!]

"And that isn't true. Therefore the photograph should be banned, and every copy of it on earth should be snaffled up by Oxford and deleted."


Actual things actually heard on the BBC in a massive dismissal of the allegations that power involves some kind of para-world of obscenity (now manifesting as “Pig-gate”--look at the UK news.

And compare with what is happening on the BBC to Corbyn, which is what happened to Syriza. In short, an orgy of double binding interrogations: “You are a principled radical and that sucks, and you are willing to compromise, and that sucks because you are therefore a hypocrite.” Aka “You are logically contradicting yourself.”

Left wingers are apparently irrational. As opposed to right wingers, who are reasonable non-pig-abusers.

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