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Sunday, January 17, 2016

More on That Oil Hypothesis

I found it! This is one of my sources for my argument that consciously or not, Obama made a big contribution to the beginning of the end of the oil economy. Prove me wrong in about two decades.

Until then: Keep going, perfect storm!

I like this mode of thinking, because it's sort of mandala-like in its vast inclusion of chaos and negativity. Back in the day Trungpa Rinpoche's sangha used to call it vajra politics...

Michael Klare's conclusion:

the tremors from the oil pricequake have undoubtedly yet to reach their full magnitude.  Prices will, of course, rise someday.  That’s inevitable, given the way investors are pulling the plug on energy projects globally.  Still, on a planet heading for a green energy revolution, there’s no assurance that they will ever reach the $100-plus levels that were once taken for granted.  Whatever happens to oil and the countries that produce it, the global political order that once rested on oil’s soaring price is doomed.  While this may mean hardship for some, especially the citizens of export-dependent states like Russia and Venezuela, it could help smooth the transition to a world powered by renewable forms of energy.

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Anonymous said...

It is an enormous mistake to trust such glowing assessments of future economic trends. I said it before 2008, and I was right then. Nobody has any idea what they are doing, including the people at the wheel, no matter how debonair and presidential they are. Any claims of knowledge about a future resource economy as far ahead as in the above quote are fraudulent, basically just a lot of fast talk, and are misleading to the extent we take them seriously. I have no more faith in it than I had in "peak oil".