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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To the "Outraged" Labour MPs

No Democrat would get behind the constant Republican pressure to pass a “balanced budget amendment.” It would be the end of progressive legislation for the rest of time.

So why would Labour want to get behind a budget surplus amendment???

And BBC, this is not “unconventional.” There is no earthly reason to maintain a budget surplus. Unless you are a deficit scold, i.e. unless you want to get rid of “welfare” aka benefits.

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Anonymous said...

So one may extend this reasoning to apocalyptic capitalism and conclude that the end game of neoliberalism is to use putative measures to terrorize and control an increasingly desperate population who will have no wealth at all and will work in a compliant manner merely to purchase McDonald's happy meals. A sort of commodification of the constituent consumer. I think Lenin and Chairman Mao had effective programs to deal with this sort of wealth stratification.

Incidentally, given the recent publicity over the frequent murders in or near North Dallas parks, should one avoid same or accept roaming murderers as part of a hybrid environment? One object deleting another, as it were.