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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why Is This So Good?

I know, I know, I shouldn't like this, because Elon Musk etc etc. At least it's better than, and a lot trippier than, geoengineering. In any case:

1. Courage is the one emotion bound to make me go a bit blubby when I get to witness it. Even a robot that looks like a gigantic packet of Dunhill has a certain reliability and rugged charm in that regard. And the guy from Dallas Buyers Club is really kicking it here. Again! I mean look what he did in Dallas!

2. Texas rectifies the problems created by New England, in the shape of the respective male actors. If you want to save the world, at least according to Hollywood, Texans might be a good option: they know how to bend the rules to get it done.

3. Lion King composer: way to adapt the Dies Irae! Bending it towards survival!

Everywhere has a different skill. The English are apparently very good at showing you to the exit in a calm way during an emergency. The Californians are exquisitely good at talking explicitly about your (and everyone else's) pleasure, which by the way is why the English should sign a contract that forbids them from speaking at all while living in California: there is something obscene about English people talking about pleasure. And this kind of thing below might be the enlightened aspect of Texas.  That and the fact that Texas is basically Mexico. Initiate!

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