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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My One Regret

...that Napoleon didn't win the Battle of Waterloo and thus create the USE, the United States of Europe, obviating WW1 and the existence of Hitler, the rise of the EU and the imposition of (hahaha) “austerity.” That's right UK, I am a traitor...



Anonymous said...

Filthy Francophile! I knew you'd show your true colors one day. But if that had happened, JRR Tolkien would have become radicalized into a terrorist super-villain and fascist national socialism would simply have arisen in Britain instead. He'd call it ELF: England Lives Forever.

David Morris said...

The Battle of Leipzig was more likely to give the result you want. Not invading Russia 2 years before that even more. Invading Russia was "supposed" to unite Europe but force could not bring Russia or Spain into Europe and France had not enough force left after those attempts to defend itself. Waterloo was about defending France not taking Europe.

All attempts to occupy "peoples" have failed in the last 200 years.