Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Monday, February 3, 2014

Subtle Body

1. When you mention the subtle body, pretty much everyone in the West who is an intellectual freaks out in various different ways. Look at what happened to Irigaray when she started talking about it.

2. I only publish comments where you are brave enough to put your actual name.


xxxxxxox said...

Force of habit, I don't use my name because I like to keep interests like this private. Living deep in fundie bumpkin country does that to you. My boss did not like my "weird books" and her church would not like them either, and I have to earn a living alongside these people. Being a wordy queer talker is bad enough already. Maybe I'm being melodramatic or maybe I really am a coward. Just thought i'd ask.

Lucy Weir said...

There's not much subtle about this body, or at least the body of this comment. I'm confused (and am putting this in a confusing place to demonstrate my confusion): you say, in 'Ecology After Capitalism' (which I just downloaded from, many thanks), on p53, 'Climate is a derivative of weather', but surely, please tell me whether you agree, it's the other way round. Climate's big, weather's local. Climate causes (and is caused by) hyperobjects. Weather is a relatively localised exhibition of those forces acting through the brief lapses of our days and nights. And so on. Thanks, as ever.