Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm undergoing it. The interesting thing is, I'm sleeping, like a lot. When I showed up in Davis, I would unpack stuff and fall asleep from 2pm to 6pm. It was strange because like a lot of people newly landed in Cali, I thought I was in paradise, so surely there couldn't be anything wrong...

This time I realize that it's my brain. My brain needs to feel like it lives here, in Houston's Museum District.

If my brain were a cat I could coat its paws with butter and it would lick off the butter and get used to the new tastes. We do it in the UK, you's a real thing, we do it...

But sadly I have not been able to find a way to butter my brain yet.

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Seth Forrest said...

We're thinking of moving to Baltimore, and I feel exactly the same way.