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Monday, June 25, 2012

GMO Grass, Cattle, Cyanide



noel said...

It's a hybrid, not a GMO. Some grasses can produce cyanide (carbon and nitrogen)

Nick Guetti said...

Can't say I'm surprised. As a graduate of Evergreen's Eco-Ag program (the most depressing use of college funds ever) and an ardent textbook permaculturist, this kind of thing is the least of what I've been expecting to come of biotech. It gives me nightmares much worse than this. Picture the proliferation of nitrogen-fixing grasses, for instance. Ag people are saying it's a great idea. If that happens, all ecology will collapse from soil acidity. Elementary soil science. Dead soil is worse than cyanide, because it means nothing can live.

AnaLouise said...

It's interesting to consider Michael Marder's work in this context. Perhaps the grass is defending itself: