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Monday, May 23, 2011

Object-Oriented Ontology Graduate Class Video

At Dunedin School of Art, May 22, 2011. Courtesy of Sophie Jerram and Su Ballard and Douglas Kahn, the good people of Dunedin and a host of others.


Anonymous said...

Good one from TIm. A primer on link of ecology without nature to OOO. And delivered at a cool enough pace too to be taken in with one play through.

Ta meistro


Timothy Morton said...

Why thank you David. That's very nice of you. Nice looking beginnings of a blog there btw.

Kent said...

The term ontology has many meaning, as you guys know. I put together a short film to describe it:
Hope it can be of some use to web surfers.

Unknown said...

Hello, thanks for a wonderful introduction to OOO. I was wondering, that with your current understanding of OOO, (eg the ability to think about ecology without nature- which is no easy task) does this have a direct effect on the way that you experience daily life?

Sam Scott said...

The body is a war and a peace - Nietzsche