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Thursday, June 9, 2016

SonicActs Dark Ecology Day 1

Dark Ecology is a five-year project that has resulted in 3 journeys in this region, 20 commissioned artworks in this area and on this theme.

The second journey was in the darkest time of the year. We decided to make the final journey during the peak of the summer, when there is no darkness anymore...

We will also see two of the commissioned artworks. Dimitry Morozov and Pasviktal (Jana Winderen) commissioned 2014. It can be viewed as a headphone installation throughout the day and night.

Tomorrow we will cross the border to Russia and you can participate in two artworks, one by Esper Sommer Eide and Signe Lidén, Altitude and History. We had a presentation on it at the Nikel library on Sunday. Had the highest age of participants ever.

Tomorrow we will see Justin Bennett's work Vilgiskoddeoayvinyarvi (Wolf Lake on the Mountains) at the Kola Superdeep Borehole.

We have been overwhelmed by the local interest in these works. More than 100 people signed up for the sound walk. We had expected 5 to 10!

On Sunday morning we return to Norway and see another installation, by Cecilla Johnsson, Prospecting and head to former mine in Kirkenes where there will be a performative reading, by Nickel van Duijvenboden. And finish with Mikro, a performance by Justin Bennett and HC Giljea.

There will be two lectures, by Heather Davis (“Plastic Geologies”) and Tim Morton.

Dutch TV will feature dark ecology tonight. We have a photographer and our media team, Friday Milk.


If you have never experienced the white night of of the midnight sun, I'm going to try to help you. Imagine it's about four in the afternoon-ish, cloudy (but it isn't clouds), forever. It's quite quite extraordinary.

I'm so lucky and so touched to have been part of this adventure and I can't believe that two little words I thought up enabled this whole thing to take place.

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