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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tilting and Dragging

“Labour could have tilted to the center, but in fact they are being dragged to the left.” Said on the BBC radio 4 Today show this morning.

If you aren't sure this is biased imagine changing the verbs:

“Labour could have been dragged to the center, but in fact they are tilting to the left.”

This together with four uses of the adjective “hard” to describe “left.”

In the early 80s “hard” would be next to “right,” just a couple of years into Thatcherism.

Austerity would easily have been seen as hard right.

Total 180 of BBC opinion/propaganda in my lifetime.

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Labann said...

Conservative thought is transparently self-serving, a vicious downward spiral, a zero sum game. Content no longer matters only in that it serves to confuse, distort, and spin reality in because fear and greed motivate a monolithic uniformity of status quo.