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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pass It On

I'm sure this TPM commenter won't mind you tweeting his ready mades:

1/6) FACTS-Insurers knowingly CHOSE to change grandfathered plans&sell ineligible ones post-3/2010 w/out disclosure; now using ACA as cover.
2/6) Now they’re rushing folks into pricey plans b4 folks can see all options. (Letters with Nov30 “deadline” make the scam pretty obvious…)
3/6) FYI, “Grandfather” facts: (Oh, and G Kessler, limiting hikes to a point ABOVE med inflation isn’t onerous)
4/6) Admin “knew” there’d be cancellations over time because they knew insurers cancel&change plans EVERY YEAR, esp in indiv market.
5/6) Admin’s big mistake? Not realizing their ACA “partners” would be so slimy; should’ve (loudly) added disclosure req to gfather clause.
6/6) Obama didn’t lie; insurers are doing what they’ve always done; and this is the most shameful chapter in media history since Iraq.

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