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Friday, October 4, 2013

Object-Oriented Feminism Panel 1

Frenchy Lunning's talk was just extraordinary. There were a lot of affinities between our talks. Her talk was about body image and abjection. This really moved things forwards I feel.

How to think abjection is built into the OO theory if you think about it. Here I am surrounded closer than skin by all these things: I can't peel them off me. I especially can't peel off the sensual ether. So there is a passage between OOO and Kristeva.

In my talk I discovered one between OOO and Irigaray.

More on this soon!


Frenchy said...

Hi Tim!
Thank you for this affirmation. It means a lot. I found this by way of a colleague who was interested in your work, as I am as well. This seems to be a rich area for thought, and I am gratified to be included in this research.

Frenchy said...

Hi Tim,
Thank you for this mention in your blog! My colleague found it, who is also interested in OOP -- This seems to be a rich area for inquiry and thought -- I am gratified to be part of this discourse...!