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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Panel with Katherine Hayles

Very nice talk by Hayles and an interesting divergence on metalanguage.

For Hayles Gödel showed that a metalanguage can pulverize an object language (Russell and Whitehead).

For me, Russell and Whitehead just is a metalanguage that Gödel turns back into an object language without a meta level, since it can say "This sentence cannot be proved."

He causes a supposed totality to go into a loop.

Gödel caused the concept of metalanguage to evaporate, not the object (language).

To exist (to be true) is to be inconsistent.
MP3 soon!

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Bill Benzon said...

You know, Tim, I was looking at the Wikipedia article on Cantor diagonalization, or Cantor's diagonal method--I forget the exact title of the article--and it pointed out that Gödel's proof is based on the technique.