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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fancy a Shave?

The wonderfully named Barbershop is hosting me in Lisbon:

The Barber Shop at Curators´ Lab
Nomadic Ontology: Mutations of the Aesthetic
— org. Margarida Mendes
Talks 28 OCT + 30 NOV

28 OCT (4pm): Timothy Morton — Dark Ecology: Art and Thinking after the End of the World
Timothy Morton will present a communication which will wonder through terrains far from the anthropocentrism central to most continental philosophy, revising the place of art and thought in a 
post-humanist world, with the support of his ecological theory. Morton will introduce his thoughts according to his positioning within the Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) movement, which
has been growing exponentially on both margins of the Atlantic, as an ally of Speculative Realism.


amanda vox said...

I live in Lisbon and I´m planning on attending the talk. I just wanted to confirm that it will be taking place in Guimarães (a town up north of the country) and NOT in Lisbon. is that correct?

amanda vox said...

my bad, found the place.