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Monday, August 27, 2012

Check It

When the View is constant,
The flow of Rigpa unfailing,
And the merging of the two luminosities continuous and spontaneous,
All possible delusion is liberated at its very root,
And your entire perception arises, without a break, as Rigpa.
A term such as meditation is not really appropriate for Dzogchen practice, you can see, as ultimately it implies meditating “on” something, whereas in Dzogchen all is only and forever Rigpa. So there is no question of a meditation separate from simply abiding by the pure presence of Rigpa. The only word that could possibly describe this is non-meditation. In this state, the masters say, even if you look for delusion there is none left. Even if you looked for ordinary pebbles on an island of gold and jewels, you wouldn’t have a chance of finding any.
Sogyal Rinpoche


seanpdudley said...

Very cool. I'm always telling myself that 'now' is the time to get into meditation. It really does sound like something is going on there! However, this passage sounds suspiciously like something the Beautiful Soul would say.

Henry Warwick said...

Saw this, thought of you.