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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Victorian Nonhumans: My First Class at Rice

So this will be the title of my first class: Victorian Nonhumans. It's a graduate class and it will be from 2–5pm on a Wednesday. Why am I announcing it? I guess I'm just pretty darn excited to get stuck in.


Henry Warwick said...

The Difference Engine?

John Miller said...

Awesome. Any chance you'll be posting a syllabus at some point? I'm ABD in English at Rutgers just starting a diss. on something that falls under this heading--the place of the animal in Victorian realist representations of the social totality, esp. animal "characters" as problematic figures on the border between utilitarian, animal-studies-like approaches to ethics and proto-ecological/anti-humanist approaches (obviously informed by your work, Cary Wolfe's, and others'). It would be fantastic to see what texts you're using to think through the question of the nonhuman in a Victorian context.