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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ozric Tentacles, "Wob Glass"

My old friend Zia (the one on the left) wrote this. The midsection must be one of the most blissful things ever written by a human. I use it for my ringtone : ) My awesome brother drummed for them at times. There is a genius feedback harmonic right at the end of Ed's solo, not well rendered by YouTube. Enjoy the ride.

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jpjremi said...

dear,the first time i heard o t was in 1985 saw hem playing on their first concert here in belgium and 2 more times in gent my town i had a wonderfull night with o t and eat static as in a love affair there s love and hate it s the same with music you like or dont o t after more than 20 years ozrics have a special place in my hart wob glass is f exmpl one their songs where they play as a band as a group of friends not individuals listening to wob is like coming home...wob is a typical ozric track starts open friendly and explodes even more gently and slowely
thanx old ozric tentacles for red,yellow,orange,green,blue and violet pleasures incudes jurassic shift{sunhair} and of course the wob thing so long jpj remi