Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lawn Care

Okay. To take your mind off the misery have a listen.

Rubyliquid, “Moulder.” Music and lyrics by Tim Morton and Mike Snyder. Documents my obsession with lawns...horizontal Barnett Newman paintings...symbols of private property, individualism (not uniqueness)...obsessive crewcut blank pages dotted with flowers (of rhetoric)...
They water golf courses with kerosene
They never play because they thinks it's obscene
The grass is burning can you not hear the scream
I'm integrated into the machine

You blew your mind when you was just seventeen
They know about lovin if you know what I mean
Lovin Jesus and a small Dairy Queen
I'm integrated into the machine

I'm just a lawnmower, me

You gotta run cos you're a human bean
We'll never catch up to the fantasy dream
The lawn is flickerin like an old movie screen
The truth is out there if you stay on the scene

I'm just a lawnmower, me
I'm integrated into the machine

Run through the grass—open at last
Going too fast—going first class
When you're silver and vast

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