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Friday, January 30, 2009


So now I'm on the mercury warpath. As a Gemini with loads of planets in Gemini I guess this is a good thing for me...

So I'm no scientist and I'm definitely not a statistician. And I have my doubts about the MMR vaccine as a cause of (in whatever sense) autism.

BUT—it's odd that the Californians discovered that when they got rid of vaccines that contained the mercury-based propellant, the rates of autism still rose. And that recently other researchers have screened out race, class, gender and economic status as well as genetics as factors in the steady rise of autism, so that they're now compelled to consider environmental factors. Oh yeah, and they also screened out better diagnosis and better counting.

Since mercury disappeared from vaccines, the rate of high fructose corn syrup consumption has risen.

I'm not drawing any conclusions from this but there does appear to be a smoking gun here.

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