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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Talk to the Rice Faculty in mid-Feb

The Humanities in the Age of Ecological Emergency
Timothy Morton

Humans created the Anthropocene, with its global warming. Not jellyfish. Not fungi. Not coral reefs.
The Humanities know a thing or two about humans.
It is imperative therefore that the Humanities be in the mix of thinking that addresses the Anthropocene. Not as a decorative adjunct to science, but alongside it, fueling it, thinking it, analyzing and critiquing it.

This talk is about that.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there!
The Humanities are crucial, especially as pseudo-science aligns itself with universities (via big industrial agriculture). We need sharp, critically minded readers to catch & contest the logical fallacies, the obfuscations, and the outright bullshit --all of which simply further human domination and disconnectedness.
Rant over.
Good luck at your talk.

"Gallo" said...

Hi Timothy!
I am a phd candidate doing research on community gardens and spatial practices through objects! is this talk recorded anywhere to listen to?
All the best and thanks for your help (via your books)
Gab from Brighton